Neck Lift

What does the Neck Lift procedure consist on?

Neck Lift

Neck Lift is a surgical procedure used to remove excess fat located in the neck area. This aesthetic plastic surgery operation is performed in order to improve the shape and appearance of the neck, giving rise to a more attractive facial profile.

It is a minimally invasive surgical intervention that is performed by introducing a cannula into the neck to remove excess localized fat.

The objective of cervical liposuction is to improve the contour of the neck and reduce the volume of the double chin. It is a simple operation with a short recovery, the procedure lasts approximately 45 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia or sedation.

How is neck lift performed?

¿Cómo se realiza la Liposucción Cervical?

It is performed by inserting a small camera and special forceps through incisions in the skin. The surgeon will use the forceps to remove excess fat, fluid, and/or tissue from the neck.

In some cases, the surgeon may also use a laser or ultrasound to improve the appearance. Sometimes other treatments such as radiofrequency or botulinum toxin injections are performed to give the neck more definition.

After surgery, the patient will need to wear a girdle to support the tissues and allow for better recovery. The results appear immediately after cervical liposuction and are usually long-lasting and satisfactory.

It is important to note that cervical liposuction is not a solution to lose weight, but it does help to eliminate excess fat located in the neck. The results vary from person to person and depend on the patient's skin type, age, and state of health.

¿Cómo se realiza la Liposucción Cervical?

What are the benefits of neck lift?

What are the benefits of Neck Lift?

Neck Lift can significantly improve the appearance of the neck and chin line, the main benefits are:

  • Visible improvement in the neckline and contour.
  • Significant reduction in skin folds.
  • More defined and firm chin.
  • Greater confidence when looking in the mirror.
  • Improve overall facial balance, enhancing the natural features of the face.
  • Reduction of visible signs of aging, like wrinkles and lines around the neck.
  • Localized fat removal
What are the benefits of Neck Lift?

What are the considerations for neck lift?

Neck Lift + Chin Contouring

It will depend on the surgeon's assessment, it is recommended not to have any condition or disease, in terms of skin, better results have been seen in people with good skin elasticity and firm subcutaneous tissue.

Age is also a factor to consider since the skin tends to be more or less elastic and to recover better after surgery.

Neck Lift + Chin Contouring

What are the risks of Neck Lift?

The risks are the same as those of any other surgical procedure, and are minimal when performed properly, but could include: allergic reactions to medications, infections, scarring, and bruising. There is also a risk of nerve damage or excessive bleeding.

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